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Trivia / The Conversion Bureau Transhumanism

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  • Old Shame: Leobracer is not exactly happy with the first chapter of the Side Story, and plans on rewriting it some time in the future before continuing it.
  • What Could Have Been: Leobracer here to say what was originally going to be in Transhumanism:
    • Originally, Fluffy Ponies were going to be part of the Transhumanism-verse, with Leonard testing his magic on them. They were removed for fear of alienating the readers.
    • Originally, Leonard’s chapter was going to be longer, and was going to reveal that he was married to a unicorn named Cherry Blossom. It was also going to reveal that while most of the family was okay with his marrying Cherry Blossom, one of his aunts was strongly against it, claiming that it went against the will of God, and Leonard was gonna go on a rant about how it solidified his refusal to believe in God anymore. It was removed because it would have been too Anvilicious for the tone of the story. Cherry Blossom instead appears in the first chapter of the side story.
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    • Frank and Brenda were going to have a daughter named Eleanor, who chose to become a Pegasus instead of a Laputan, but she was removed because it wouldn’t have added much to Frank’s story, and the incident about Robert took her place.
    • Originally, there were going to be chapters about people who took part of the Mars Initiative, and were preparing for the launch day. They were removed because they would not have been about the themes of the story. They will instead become a separate story at a later date.
    • Richard’s wife was originally going to be a pregnant woman who chose to take part in the Mars Initiative. Wind Dancer, a pure blooded pegasus took her place, as her and Richard’s break up was too difficult to write.
    • Originally, Kimberly and Goliath were going to be in a relationship. It was changed to Goliath already being married, and Kimberly being in a relationship with Veronica.
      • Kimberly’s chapter was also originally going to be about her, Goliath, other Laputans, and many other winged races hunting a wyvern that had escaped Equestria. It was changed to being about Kimberly expressing cynical views about the Mars Initiative.
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    • John Bradley’s wife was originally going to make an appearance in his chapter. She was going to have taken the deer potion to lure a wild deer to John’s firing range, and distract them while John got a good shot. It was removed, because it wouldn’t have made any sense, and would have had Unfortunate Implications.
      • John was also going to originally let the PETA member go, and the two were going to have an argument over John’s hunting the wild deer. It was changed to John just informing them that the tree was goin to let them go in an hour, as the argument would not have added much to the story.
    • Chapter Seven was originally going to introduce another variant of Transhumans called ‘Terrans’, who, due to an unidentified genetic mutation became almost completely resistant to magic when they drank any version of the Conversion Potion. It was changed to being about Eleanor Maverick, who had taken another variant of the Transhuman Potion, called the Lantean Potion, which allows her to breathe underwater, and swim really fast.
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  • Working Title: The fic was originally going to be called ‘The New Frontier’. It was changed to ‘Transhumanism’, because it felt like a better title.

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