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Trivia / The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum

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    • Both Kraber and, less sensationally, Johnny C to DoctorFluffy. That said, according to Fluffy, Kraber is how he plays video games while Johnny C is closer to how he is in real life.
    • TCB!Vinyl Scratch to Kizuna Tallis.
    • Weaver (maybe) to VoxAdam.
    • Stellar Wind to Sledge115.
  • Author Appeal
  • Creative Differences: While not the only reason why, this was a big driving factor behind the Spectrum Team's split in May 2017. Notable cases include the depictions of Prime Discord and Chrysalis, as well as TCB!Celestia's fate.
  • Creator Backlash: While discussing the reboot, the authors have agreed to cut out elements from the original that they feel this towards.
    • The portrayals of Princess Celestia and Discord early in the story is this to some of the writers.
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    • To a much lesser extent, the depiction of Queen Celestia as an irredeemably evil monster, due to the fact that she's corrupted by Tirek and has no control over her actions.
    • Kizuna Tallis has gone on the record to admit that she never liked the Sergei/Aquamarine pairing in the Asia Side Story, disliking how it was set up and how it treated certain characters, and planned to cut it out of the reboot altogether and sink the ship in-universe. For the Asia Side Story's Gainax Ending, she has them break up.
    • Fluffy has basically lost most of his ability to enjoy the original Spectrum universe in the time that has gone by since the team's split:
    Fluffy: The old version of Light Despondent is canon to the old version of Spectrum, and writing in the same universe as that (while also being left behind from my friends as they make new chapters in a new universe) was just too painful to consider. Cause... I can't read classic Spectrum. I can't enjoy classic Spectrum. I can't look at Classic Spectrum.
  • Creator Breakdown: The Troubled Production period between 2016 to the May 2017 split was not good on any of the authors' well-being.
    • Redskin himself admitted sometime after the split that he'd been dealing with several problems in his professional and personal lives (including incompetent managers at his job regarding the former and reeling from the death of a family member for the latter) during the time period, which he had kept bottled up, leading to him lashing out at the other authors and fueling the acrimonious feelings that drove the team's split.
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    • Both Kizuna Tallis and Doctor Fluffy quit the Spectrumverse altogether in 2021, citing feelings of burnout and lingering pain from the split leaving them unable to enjoy anything to do with the universe.
    • Jed admitted in a comment that he'd struggled greatly during that time period from a combination of job hunting, raising his children, and planning out his wedding on top of dealing with the story, but did his best to not let that get in the way of writing it or interacting with the other authors.
  • Creator's Favorite: By DoctorFluffy's own admission, Kraber is his favorite. The character himself has pretty well-received, mostly due to being a Take That! to one of Chatoyance's most hated stories and having damn good reasons for his insane tendencies.
  • Creator's Pest: Marcus Renee increasingly became this for the other writers of Team Spectrum, especially Doctor Fluffy and Jed, largely because they couldn't stomach his more abrasive aspects and the way the narrative kept glossing over his flaws. This was one of the main reasons behind why Marcus was Adapted Out of the reboot and replaced with the Suspiciously Similar Substitute Alexander Reiner (and even then, the authors went out of their way to significantly tone down those aforementioned abrasive aspects when writing Alex).
  • Hostility on the Set: According to Kizuna Tallis, the creative conflicts between Red and the other writers became increasingly more personal, leading to the the 2017 split being as bitter and acrimonious as it was.
  • Hypothetical Casting: The authors often cast actors in fictional roles for their characters.
  • Line to God: The official group. Need a question answered? All the co-authors and editors are there. Beware of spoilers though.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Some of the co-authors started off as dedicated readers of the main story.
  • Troubled Production: According to Jed, Vox, Fluffy, Kizuna Tallis and Sledge, working on Spectrum between summer 2016 and 2017 was not a very pleasant experience.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • DoctorFluffy initially planned for Kraber's backstory to just be a Noodle Incident with only a few scattered references alluding to what happened, but he quickly decided to turn it into a Take That! directed at Chatoyance's Michelson and Morely story on the grounds that "The people needed to know."
    • Kizuna Tallis stated in a blog post that she'd first intended for Comet Tail to be an orphan, and Aquamarine Glimmer would have later entered the story with a far different past and circumstances behind her defection from Equestria. This was changed to them being mother and daughter.
    • Originally, the protagonist of Adrift was meant to be a man named Aleksei Potemkin, with a vastly different personality from Stellar Wind.
    • Joy to the Worlds was first pitched by Sledge115 to be focused solely on Frost Wind's troubled night waiting for the reindeer to never arrive.
      • VoxAdam wanted to give the story a full-blown Downer Ending, culminating in Weaver throwing Sint off the mountain and to his death, then walking away with a captured Elsa's shawl in hoof, the image of her own future suicide weighing on her mind. TB3's introduction of Eadmund and Lucie drastically changed the story's outcome.
    • Marcus' argument with Acevedo and TCB!Vinyl in "Training Days: The Second Month" was going to be a lot darker, culminating in him punching Acevedo, but this was dropped due to all the Conflict Balls, Jerkass Balls, and Idiot Balls circulating through the scene.
    • Before the team split, Redskin intended to have the story culminate in a Big Badass Battle Sequence with Queen Celestia being devoured by the Bag of Tirek and Tirek physically reform for a final battle, One-Winged Angel style, at the end.
    • Another from before Redskin's departure: there was going to be a scene expanding upon the downfall of the HLF enclave Defiance and Marcus would be shown shooting a pregnant HLF member and not receive any sort of punishment; the rest of the team were not at all okay with this.
  • Word of God: Too many examples to be listed. The authors have a habit of delivering blog exposition on details unexplored within the stories.
  • Writer Revolt: Kizuna wrote The Other Side of the Mirror as one against the Sergei/Aquamarine relationship.

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