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Trivia / The Conversion Bureau

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  • Artist Disillusionment: Chatoyance was subjected to death threats and (alleged) DDOS attacks over her Conversion Bureau stories, to the point that she quit for the better part of a year. Her later blog post on the subject specifically named SpaceBattlesDotCom as the source of the harassment. It's also worth noting however that the Anti-TCB group did ban several of those people that sent her those threats, and she's also been known to pull off Wounded Gazelle Gambits, as she accused notable Anti-TCB member/moderator Carpinus Caroliniana of said DDOS attacks with absolutely no evidence.
  • Dear Negative Reader: Chatoyance has a habit of insulting critics and those who don't agree with her fanon.
    • The Adamantly Down With Celestia Newfoal Society is an entire story written as a take that to those who don't agree with her fanon.
  • Fan Nickname: The TCB-version of Celestia is often called 'Xenocelestia', or other similar terms in order to differentiate her from her canon counterpart. Typically, the "Xeno," stands for "Xenocide," so it's not exactly a good thing. Other variations include X-lestia, Xelly, Xenolestia, and Xenocidelestia, for similar reasons... although rarely, an utterly terrifying version called "Xenomolestia" shows up.
    • Recently, the TCB-Celestia has come to be called The Solar Tyrant by many who oppose this version of the character.
      • A new division has appeared on Spacebattles between Geno-Celestia, who is outright evil, and Xeno-Celestia, who is merely misguided.
    • TCB-Royal Guards have been referred to as "Celestians".
  • Old Shame: Blaze feels that his original story was poorly written, filled with Unfortunate Implications he had never intended to conveynote , and that the concept is best left to other, more capable writers.

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