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Trivia / The Colour of Magic

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  • Ability over Appearance: David Jason's enthusiastic performance as Rincewind made up for the fact that he was shorter, stouter and about 35 years older than his character.
  • Actor Allusion: The way Twoflower says "PO-TAY-TOES" can only be this.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Although the Agatean culture hasn't been established yet, Sean Astin's Twoflower is still shown to have black hair in this version.
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  • Old Shame: Terry Pratchett made it quite clear that on retrospect he was not at all happy with his earliest books, with both Color Of Magic and Light Fantastic the ones he felt aged the worst. He found his inexperienced writing resulted in the references being ploddingly inserted and characters that were overall unlikeable and shallow. Pratchett would often comment that if he could he would rewrite both books, which may be why the live-action adaptation was so different from the books.


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