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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Has never been released on DVD in any form other than bootleg. Even few clips survive on the internet.
  • Out of Order: Based on surviving production codes, several episodes were clearly aired out of their production order. This was rarely a continuity issue, but it was noticeable that "Let Sleeping Dogs Fry" (where Tucker can't work up the nerve to ask a new intern out) aired after "Bring Me the Head of Tucker Burns" (where Tucker starts a relationship that lasts the rest of the season).
    • In "Touched by an Alien," Tucker mentions being trapped in a cursed stove all night. He's referring to "Hot from the Oven," which was produced before "Touched by an Alien," but aired weeks afterward.
  • What Could Have Been: NBC was interested in the series, ordering and shooting the pilot. Somewhere along the line, it wound up on Sci-Fi.

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