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Trivia / The Children's Crusade

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  • Development Hell: The first volume of Young Avengers ended in 2006 with the team planning to search for the Scarlet Witch. This story was supposed to be done in a second volume of Young Avengers, but because of Allan Heinberg's busy TV writing schedule and changes in the Marvel Universe status quo, the story never actually appeared until 2010, and didn't finish until 2012.
  • Similarly Named Works: The Children's Crusade is also a 1993 Vertigo Comics crossover.
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  • Streisand Effect: The trade paperback version of Children's Crusade was banned from a 2019 Rio de Janeiro book fair in Brazil for featuring a gay kiss. Even after a judge ruled the ban was illegal, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro sent officials to the fair to label and seal it and other books with LGBT content inside black plastic wrap. The resulting coverage from the Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil's most circulated newspaper, went so far as to print Wiccan and Hulkling's Big Damn Kiss on their front page. This only brought more publicity to the comic and its characters. According to reports, the book sold out in Brazil the same day.

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