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Trivia / The Castle

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  • The Catch-Phrase Catches On: The phrase "It's the vibe" is, without (too much) irony, used in modern Australian courtrooms to denote an argument that has not so much basis in law, but very good policy arguments for it.
  • The Cameo: Tony Martin (host of Get This) appears for a split-second cameo as Bud Tingwell's son. Along with Martin, many of the cast have been involved in projects by the film's production company, Working Dog Productions.
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  • The Danza: Wayne Hope as Wayne Kerrigan.
  • No Budget: The film was rumoured to have an astronomically small budget (less than $20,000), although the accepted figure is closer to $100,000. Either way, they shot the entire thing over 11 days to save on the catering bill, and renamed the main family so they could use real tow trucks borrowed from a business called "Kerrigans Towing".

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