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Trivia / The Cardigans

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  • Black Sheep Hit: "Lovefool" has an almost disco-ish musical feel, and stands out as unusual even on its parent album. However, unlike many Black Sheep Hits, the band never turned against it.
  • Chart Displacement: Their biggest hit in their native Sweden is... a cover of "Burning Down the House", which reached #2! "Lovefool" was also rather unsuccessful there, hitting only #15 (though "My Favourite Game" managed to score high, #3).
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  • Creator Backlash: Magnus Sveningsson doesn't like some of his early lyrics. This is why the singles "Black Letter Day" and "Hey! Get Out Of My Way" aren't on their Best of album.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The group's first two releases were extremely rare privately-pressed 7" EPs, The World According to The Cardigans and In Pursuit of Pooh. They're badly-recorded, suffer enormously from Early Installment Weirdness (not least because although Face of the Band Nina is present, she only sings lead on one track) and are incredibly fascinating historical artefacts. They've never been officially reissued, and only two of the eight songs ever reappeared (in re-recorded versions: "Pooh Song" and what was arguably their Signature Song before "Lovefool" came along, "Rise and Shine").
  • One-Hit Wonder: They sometimes suffer from this label, with the one hit being "Lovefool", but both "My Favourite Game" and "Erase Rewind" charted in many places, and the band have had a fairly substantial long-term career.


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