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Trivia / The Brady Kids

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  • The Other Darrin: Greg, Peter, and Marcia were all recast for the second season, with the roles taken over by relatives of the show's producer (Lou Scheimer) and director (Hal Sutherland): Erika Scheimer as Marcia, Lane Scheimer as Greg, and Keith Sutherland as Peter. At the same time, the opening sequence was changed to remove the live-action versions of all the kids (presumably so as to not show the departed actors).
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The show features appearances by The Lone Ranger (Classic Media), Superman, Wonder Woman (both from DC Comics, which is owned by WarnerMedianote ), and Miss Tickle from the Filmation original series Mission: Magic! (Hallmark → Entertainment Rights → Classic Media). Consequently, it didn't get its own DVD until 2016, although 2007's "The Brady Bunch: The Complete Series" boxset did include the pilot on the last disc.


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