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Trivia / The Boxcar Children

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  • Bonus Material: Each of the books in the Boxcar Children Specials spinoff line includes bonus games, recipes and other fun additions.
  • Name's the Same: In-Universe, Henry James Alden is named after his grandfather, and in the first book uses his first two names as a pseudonym — it doesn't help them hide from the grandfather.
    • Before the ice is broken, the grandfather is introduced as "Mr. Henry". He's far more successful.
  • The Other Darrin: Jessie is the only one to have her original voice actress in both movies. In the movie sequel, Henry, Violet, and Benny were all recast.
  • Outlived Its Creator: The Boxcar Children series had only 19 books by its original creator, Gertrude Chandler Warner. Then, over a decade after her death, Albert Whitman of Albert Whitman & Company resurrected the series, producing over 100 more books due to reinterest (including a kid-friendly cookbook). Unsurprisingly, after Warner stopped writing them, continuity went right out the window. Notably, a couple pets introduced in her later books suddenly disappear, and sadly the storytelling quality does, too.
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: And How! Not only did original author Gertrude Chandler Warner never marry or have children, but by the time of her 1979 death she had outlived not only her parents but also both of her siblings and even those siblings' spouses.note  As the sole child (living or otherwise) among all three siblings, Gertrude's entire estate — including the Boxcar Children IP — was left to nephew David Brett Warner (John's son). Naturally, publisher Albert Whitman wasted no time buying out the series for an unknown sum — and then sat on the franchise for over a decade before relaunching it as basically a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys clone for younger readers. To add insult to injury, Gertrude Chandler Warner is still the sole name listed on the covers despite the Warner family having completely died off and thus having zero creative input whatsoever.note 
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  • Spinoff Cookbook: The Boxcar Children Cookbook, released in 1991 and featuring easy recipes that kids can make from books 1-19.
  • The Wiki Rule: Found here.