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Trivia / The Borrower

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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: According to John McNaughton, the master prints of this movie were lost in legal manner and haven't been rediscovered since. As a result, the movie hasn't had an official physical reprint since the original VHS releases, and even John himself says that viewers will have to settle for lesser means;
"The only place you can see it is on YouTube, which is kind of sad"
  • Troubled Production: Every bad example of production happened during this film, so much that director John McNaughton personally nicknamed the film "The Worst Case Scenario". From being denied money by the studio, to having to reschedule shoots multiple times, to the original studio, Atlantic Entertainment, literally disappearing during filming (When John drove over to their building while on break, he discovered their whole offices empty), needless to say it was almost a miracle the movie ever got finished.

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