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Trivia / The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth

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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • Some of the items from the mod — such as 120 Volt, Bird's Eye, and Mucormycosis — got added to the official game in the Afterbirth+ expansion, albeit in a slightly nerfed form. This is likely coincidence, however, as Afterbirth+ was released less than a month after Antibirth.
    • However, the School Bag item added in Afterbirth+'s Booster Pack #4 update was said by Edmund McMillen himself to be taken from Antibirth. (Although, more specifically, it's the Racing+ version of it.)
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    • Within the mod itself, the Ur-Gurdy, a fictitious boss that spawned an Urban Legend of Zelda in Rebirth, is added as "The Witness", the True Final Boss of the Alternate Route.
    • In addition to "The Witness", The Visage and Reap Creap are taken directly from some of NotYourSagittarius's mock-ups prior to working on Afterbirth.
    • As revealed by Nicalis at PAX West on September 1st, 2018, the entire mod!
  • Name's the Same: The Jacob's Ladder item in Antibirth and the Jacob's Ladder item in Afterbirth+ are completely unrelated, with the ladder functioning similarly to the 120 volt.
  • Promoted Fanboy: The devs of Antibirth would go on to work with Edmund McMillen himself for the fourth and fifth Booster Packs of Afterbirth+.
    • As of the 1st September 2018, even more so, since they're helping with the task of adding Antibirth as official DLC content for Rebirth in the newly announced Repentance expansion.
  • What Could Have Been: Antibirth was supposed to feature a secret character (Edith), similar to The Lost and Keeper. She couldn't move, and instead had to teleport around the room, damaging whatever she landed on. She was cut due to deadlines and her being hard to balance before launch. Time will tell if she makes it back into Repentance, however.
    • On a similar vein, there are several items that exist in the mod's files but aren't obtainable in game and don't do anything. Presumably, some of these were Edith's unlocks.
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