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Trivia / The Bible (2013)

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  • Actor Allusion: Shakespearian actor Greg Hicks, who plays Pontius Pilate, has played both Brutus and Julius Caesar in separate productions of Julius Caesar.
    • Paul Freeman, who plays the prophet Samuel, also played Rev. Phillip Shooter in Hot Fuzz.
    • Aharon Ipale, who plays the Pharoah of Exodus, is Seti I in The Mummy.
    • Sebastian Knapp, who plays the Apostle John, played the Apostle Matthew in the 1999 miniseries Jesus.
    • Conan Stevens, who plays Goliath, is best known as Gregor 'The Mountain' Cleagne in Game of Thrones first season.
    • The Narrator is Keith David, which makes the last half of the second episode all the more memorable, hearing him mention Goliath.
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  • Recursive Adaptation: There's a novelization. The Compilation Movie Son of God also has its own novelization.


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