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Trivia / The Best Page in the Universe

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  • Banned in China:
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  • Doing It for the Art: He doesn't get paid to write, and he pays out of pocket for his hosting to ensure that fans never have to see a single advertisement on his site. He does take donations if people really want to give, as mentioned on his FAQ, but he doesn't "hold this site hostage to donations."
  • Follow the Leader:
    • The success of the site back in the late '90s spawned a whole genre of sites that follow the pattern of "I run an angry blog where I write offensive things". Many even go as far as to title their pages akin the original with examples like, "The Second Best Page in the Universe", or even, "The Worst Page in the Universe". Most imitators were the victims of Sturgeon's Law, ignoring the original site's satirical edge and instead just aiming for shock value.
    • To a lesser extent, the site popularized the concept of blogging. Ironically, Maddox hates the term "blog" and refuses to label his site as such.
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  • Schedule Slip: Over the years, Maddox has updated the site less and less, and at points gets an update about 1-2 times per year. However, it's getting better after the release of his second book:
  • Vaporware: There was once talk of making The Best Game in the Universe into an actual game, but it hasn't been mentioned for years and seems to have been abandoned.


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