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Trivia / The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle

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  • Creator Backlash: The author posted on mid-June 2019 that he is still proud of the overall Myth Arc planned but felt that he could have handled the Genre Shift better due to it causing a massive hit in the series' overall popularity. The damage was so bad that the amount of likes for each of the sequels after Aftermath of a Fallen Star have yet to exceed 100 despite them being published for more than 6 months. To put this into perspective, his later one-shot stories easily breached that same number in a couple of weeks.
  • Inspiration for the Work:
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  • Schedule Slip: The stories for Part 2.5 were finally going to begin on mid-March 2018...only for real-life issues to crop up and all story updates had to be on hold until later May. Read here.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, the story was going to be about Celestia tracking down Twilight's killers and how far she would go to seek justice. Also, the story would have been adopted by whoever wanted it. Eventually, the author liked the idea so much that he decided to write it himself.
    • Night Light was going to get his own chapter until it was scrapped.
    • The third story in The 'Verse titled Ragnarok of Equestria was going to be written in 2017. However, the author thought that the overall setting wasn't fleshed out enough, decides to write a Part 2.5 in the form of two stories whose setting is the growing up of Spike in Erebus Isles and Majesty Blueblood in Unicornia titled Rise Of A Dragon and Rise Of An Empress respectively.
      • On another note, Ember was originally going to be Killed Off for Real in Ragnarok of Equestria until the author had this idea, deciding to spare her by bringing her into Part 2.5 instead.
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    • In light of the original series' cancellation, the author has posted his planned ideas and backstories for the overall story in various blog posts for the sake of closure. To sum up:
      • The Path stories are in a Two Lines, No Waiting narrative. It ends with Majesty, the Empress of Unicornia by that point in the story taking over Erebus Islands while Spike and his friends flee, which begins Ragnarok. This will be the fateful meeting between the two protagonists.
      • Spike being a Knight in Sour Armor as of Path of The Dragon is because in his first mission where him and Aquilina are looking for a lost kid, he seemingly successfully negotiated a mining village's safety and co-existence with a group of Diamond Dog raiders that were attacking them by having the village give their gems as tribute in exchange for sparing them and protecting them from other raiders. It wasn't until months later he learned that the raiders simply killed the miners after he left and looted all the gems for themselves. This plunges him into a Heroic BSoD.
      • This is broken later on when they successfully negotiate a lasting peace between two rival cities despite being initially hired by one to help topple the other. It is also here where Spike reveals who he really is to Aquilina aka Twilight's adopted son. After learning that the respective heirs of the two warring cites are in love, Spike successfully arranged a marriage between the two Star-Crossed Lovers, bringing the conflict to a much less bloody end. This convinces Spike that while bringing friendship isn't impossible to Erebus, there are some that cannot be reasoned with and he must know when the time comes to stain his hands with blood to achieve that.
      • Later on, Spike would get a chance to avenge the miners by killing the raiders responsible. He tries to go in alone but his friends eventually help him out. Spike personally kills the leader with a new technique.
      • There would be a Story Arc focusing in him being the Dragon Lands which results in him meeting and falling in love with Ember. However, Aquilina has developed feelings for him around that time as well, resulting in a Love Triangle that wouldn't be resolved due to the stories' cancellation.
      • Aquilina's personal story involves her being captured by the Ars Arcanum under the orders of her aunt, who wanted to avenge her dead father. Spike would call in a favour from Agent Rexius for The Legion's aid, resulting in her rescue and the death of her aunt. The story would end on her birthday, with Spike finding a means to remove her slave tattoo. This solidifies her feelings for Spike and causes her to confess her love for him afterwards.
      • Windward doesn't have any special backstory. He is just one of the many street urchins raised on the slums of Erebus.
      • Azura has her mother die in childbirth and is revealed to be a hermaphrodite. This results in her father seeing her as a freak who couldn't even get pregnant, forcing her to hide her condition with dresses which resulted in her obsession with wearing clothes in public. Only Aquilina knows her secret and even that was by accident. The only family who treated her normally was her brother Penta, the individual alluded to when she was speaking to Spike in The Treasure Hunt Arc. He was part of an underground resistance helping Flutter Ponies escape Unicornia with revolutionary ideas for the country, but was discovered and executed along with his father. Azura faked her death and escaped to Erebus with the help of her brother's friends.
      • During Ragnarok, Azura's gender would be revealed to Windward. The latter doesn't mind and the two would undergo a Relationship Upgrade near the end of the series.
      • Marc's past as Ashwing, the son of Torch and brother of Ember would be revealed. He had two friends. Stormlight, the son of another dragon lord and Crest, his childhood friend. The reason he was declared an enemy to all of dragonkind was because he killed Stormlight accidentally by blasting him in the back despite losing in a duel he started because Stormlight was going have Crest as his mate while Ashwing himself loved Crest. Stormlight was in the process of restoring the dragon's deity and reunifying the dragons, which were all undone by his death. Many dragons asked for Ashwing's death but Torch saved his life only to personally banish him forever. Crest even hated him as a result, turning the whole affair into a tragedy. Ashwing changed his name to Marc after arriving in Erebus Islands and became the head of the Red Lightnings.
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  • Working Title: Rise Of An Empress was changed to Rise Of A Tyrant as of Christmas 2017. Then come March 2018, the titles of the Part 2.5 stories are changed from Rise Of A Dragon and Rise Of A Tyrant to The Path of The Dragon and The Path of The Tyrant. The finalised title as of late June 2018 is Path of The Dragon and Path of The Tyrant.

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