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For the film

  • Content Leak: One of the victims of the 2014 Sony Pictures hack, though as the film had already been released, the leak only detailed information on some of the background drama behind the scenes.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Andrew Garfield stated that he felt that the amount of Executive Meddling that was applied ultimately hurt the final product, and that the removal of several subplots (such as further exploring Peter's life without his parents or his uncle) in favor of others left a negative impact on the movie. Still, he did say that he still enjoyed working on the movie, and that he did like Kurtzman and Orci's original script prior to the studio making several major changes to it.
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    • James Horner, the composer of the first film, disliked the script to this movie so much that he refused to serve as a composer to this movie. One point in particular that turned him off from the project was the death of Gwen after much of the movie was dedicated to her romance with Peter. Like Garfield, he criticized Sony's Executive Meddling over letting Marc Webb tell his own story.
    • Alan Fine, Marvel Entertainment's president, claimed that he "wanted to burn the [script's] draft after reading it" in a leaked e-mail - the draft which seems to have been the basis for the final film.
  • The Danza:
    • Almost. Felicity Jones plays Felicia Hardy. And one of Felicia's comic aliases is Felicity...
    • A Throw It In! example. Jorge Vega plays Jorge, because the child actor was having trouble responding to instructions with other names.
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  • Deleted Role: Shailene Woodley was cast as Mary Jane Watson, and even filmed scenes. Her role was ultimately cut from the film because the filmmakers felt there were too many characters and wanted to streamline the film, whilst also providing greater focus on the Peter/Gwen relationship. The producers of the film have since said that the footage will not likely be included on the DVD, given that it apparently didn't make any sense in any cut of the movie. Shailene herself commented on it after the movie came out, saying she shot about five minutes worth of scenes and that she was thankful it was being cut - if they were gonna introduce Mary Jane, they couldn't just toss her in awkwardly.
  • Disowned Adaptation: Frayda Kafka, a friend of J.M. DeMatteis and his inspiration for the character of Ashley Kafka, despises the movie character's Adaptational Villainy and Gender Flip.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • The reason why the X-Men: Days of Future Past footage was in The Stinger of the theatrical release of the movie — check the main page for more details.
    • Kaz Hirai (Sony's CEO at the time) apparently had a hand in the editing process of the film, in spite of his limited experience with editing in general.
    • There were a ton of changes made to the movie's script, as detailed under "What Could Have Been". It's been rumored that said changes were done to appeal to the studio instead of being for story purposes.
  • Fake American: Besides Andrew Garfield, there's also the British Felicity Jones as the American Felicia Hardy.
  • Fan Nickname: The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro Boogaloo.
  • Follow the Leader: A pretty blatant one for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It didn't pan out as planned.
  • Franchise Killer: While the movie did make money, it fell far below Sony's expectations, and the more polarized critical reception definitely left its mark. The idea of setting up a shared universe (which was started with this film, as the first film was very much a standalone story) that mainly consisted of Villain-centric stories was met with criticism, considering that reception to the main franchise wasn't positive enough to warrant interest in expanding to other characters, let alone villains. Sony and Disney instead teamed up to have Spidey debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, before starring in his own movies that are made with the involvement of both Sony and Marvel Studios, while the story arc that this series was attempting to tell was shut down prematurely.
  • I Knew It!:
    • A dark example. Promptly after it was announced that Mary Jane Watson's scenes were going to be cut from the movie, fans began speculating that Gwen Stacy dying had something to do with this. Lo and behold, they were right.
    • Many fans had begun to correctly speculate the same thing after footage and set photos were shown of Emma Stone wearing Gwen's outfit from The Night Gwen Stacy Died.
  • Ignored Expert: A meta example. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige offered notes that many people stated would've actually improved the movie. He went mostly unacknowledged, although a few of his tweaks were used. Marvel Entertainment's president Alan Fine had even worse luck, as he predicted almost every single one of the major problems that people had with the movie — and none of his warnings were heeded.
  • Lying Creator: Marc Webb stated in an interview that Rhino built his own armor, which was supported by all the Russian stickers and emblems on it. In the movie the Russian markings are removed and it was built by Oscorp.
  • Market-Based Title: The film was released as The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Le Destin d'un Héros (The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Destiny of a Hero) in France.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The scene where Harry informs Peter that Oscorp has been monitoring him was cut, as were the scenes of Gwen visiting Aunt May while looking for Peter, Peter sitting on a building, and Norman's remark that "We have plans for you, Peter Parker...". The scene with the Man In the Shadows walking past the Oscorp equipment was also altered, with the Venom symbiote being replaced with Rhino's armour.
  • The Other Darrin: In reaction to both Andrew Garfield's statements in Creator Backlash above and Garfield snubbing Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai at a 2014 FIFA World Cup after party in Brazil, Sony was considering replacing him a-la Michael Keaton. It didn't pan out. Not that Spidey didn't get a new actor anyway.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Paul Giamatti stated a desire to play the Rhino when he was younger. This movie gave him his wish.
  • Stillborn Franchise: Although the movie is a sequel, it qualifies for the trope since was meant to be the launchpad to a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe - one with 13 other movies in development set for release before 2020. That changed when the movie didn't meet Sony's financial expectations, the writers found themselves limited by not having access to a lot of content from the Marvel Universe to work with, and when Marvel Studios outright offered them a better deal that cost them absolutely nothing to carry out. While it appears as though Sony will still continue to go forward with making tons of Spider-Man movies and spinoffs (albeit at a more reasonable pace), it will now be done inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead of one limited to just Spider-Man. The long-term story arc revolving around Oscorp, Peter's parents, and the Sinister Six was also abandoned completely; the next version of Spider-Man has nothing to do with this version.
  • Throw It In!: According to the commentary, Gwen yelling "PETER!" when Spider-Man webs up her to the hood of the police car and her subsequent Oh, Crap! expression weren't in the script, but they decided to keep it in.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Sam Claflin, Eddie Redmayne, Alden Ehrenreich, Douglas Booth, and Boyd Holbrook screen-tested for the role of Harry Osborn before Dane DeHaan was cast. Ehrenreich previously auditioned for Peter Parker in the first movie.
    • Damian Lewis, Mads Mikkelsen, and Jean Dujardin were considered for the part of Electro before the casting of Jamie Foxx.
    • Among the shelf of Oscorp inventions, the Venom symbiote was supposed to appear in the Rhino armor's place, according to trailers and test screenings.
    • According to test screenings, The Stinger revealed that Norman Osborn's head was placed in cryogenics - and while there's no evidence that this scene isn't canon, it still didn't make it into the movie. In addition, there is evidence that the scene where the Gentleman walks by Doctor Octopus's arms and Vulture's wings and also sets up the formation of the Sinister Six was supposed to be The Stinger, but it was edited into the film proper - most likely so the Days Of Future Past footage could fit in.
    • The original script would've treated the immediate aftermath of Gwen's death in a much closer manner to the original comics. Harry would've started laughing and taunting Peter, resulting in Peter snapping and beating the hell out of Harry. The ending was changed from that of the comics, however, with Harry being turned in by Peter instead of dying (as had happened to Norman Osborn's Goblin).
    • Felicia's role was also cut down for time, and she originally would have been Harry's out and out girlfriend - which Felicity Jones alluded to in an interview. One scene implying a romantic attraction between Harry and Felicia remains in the film.
    • Several notable changes were made to the film's script.
      • As mentioned above, Mary Jane was going to be in the movie - her role was going to have her introduced as a minor character who lived nearby Peter's home, having to deal with her abusive father. The plotline would have involved Peter showing up as Spider-Man, webbing her father up, and telling him off before leaving him hung up. A scene involving Mary Jane and Gwen having a conversation about romance was also planned, which would have served as connective tissue for future installments.
      • Max Dillon's character was going to have been explored to a greater length, such as the character having a seemingly-wheelchair-bound mother apathetic to the apparent death of her son, not to mention that she ignores his birthday.
      • Doctor Kafka was originally written as a woman, like the character in the comics, instead of as a man. It's also likely that the character wouldn't have suffered from Adaptational Villainy, given that Electro originally escaped from Ravencroft on his own and that there was apparently no torture involved (or at least, Kafka wouldn't have authorized it).
      • A year-long Time Skip was planned to occur between Peter's graduation and Harry Osborn's return to the United States, which also would have given Peter and Gwen a greater amount of time to re-evaluate their relationship after breaking up.
      • Doctor Ratha, who had mysteriously disappeared after the Lizard's first appearance, was originally going to have a role in the movie. The plot point was apparently trashed completely if The Daily Bugle Tumblr is to be believed, as it stated that Ratha's body had been found in the sewers. His role was replaced entirely by Suspiciously Similar Substitute, CEO Menken.
      • Spider-Man originally decided to save Harry Osborn's life with a blood transfusion at Harry's second request rather than to refuse to do so twice. This still would have turned him into the Green Goblin, of course. The Green Goblin's suit was actually given an explanation in that it was meant to sustain Norman Osborn's life, but also contained a small arsenal for his use - complete with pumpkin bombs and the glider - and the suit would have been found within Norman's boathouse instead of within Oscorp. In addition, Electro originally was going to try to kill Harry, but Electro saw potential in the Green Goblin and formed an Enemy Mine to take down Oscorp.
      • J. Jonah Jameson was actually going to appear in the film, alongside Robbie Robertson. Spider-Man and Electro were originally going to crash into the building during one of their battles, much to Jameson's disdain.
      • The kid that Spider-Man helps at the beginning and end of the movie was not written into the original script. In addition, the Rhino's screentime was supposed to be even more limited than it was in the final film - and the truck heist at the beginning wasn't supposed to have featured Aleksei Sytsevich, but a typical thug.
      • Gwen Stacy wasn't originally going to die instantaneously, as she originally suffered from severe back injuries instead of a Neck Snap. She was also meant to have a Final Speech where she told Peter not to give up.
      • The last few minutes of the film were also going to be radically different: instead of listening to Gwen's graduation speech, Peter is encouraged to become Spider-Man once more by his father, who had been revealed to have been alive. He reveals that he'd been watching Peter from afar, and that he's proud of his son for the courage he's displayed as Spider-Man, and tells him "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility". It was Marc Webb who vetoed this, as they couldn't undermine Gwen's death by following it up with the reveal that Richard Parker was still alive, and it would also undermine Peter by having him struggle to move past Gwen's death only for his father to return and fix everything. However, the scene was shot and can be seen on the DVD and Blu-Ray releases.
    • The scene with Harry locked up in Ravencroft after Gwen's death wasn't in the original script. It was added after it was realized that Harry wasn't seen again after Gwen's death and the viewer would be left questioning if Harry had died or simply escaped.

For the game

  • Fandom Nod: Spider-Man notes how bad of a name "Shocker" really is.
  • Franchise Killer: For Activision's run on the Marvel license as a whole. It was already on shaky grounds befofehand, but not counting the later remaster of the Deadpool game, this was the last new game made. Rather tellingly, it took more than four years for there to be another major Spider-Man game, and Activision has nothing to do with it.
  • The Other Darrin: As before, none of the actors from the movie reprise their roles for the game. Furthermore, Sumalee Montano replaces Claudia Black as Whitney Chang.


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