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Trivia / The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican

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  • Copiously Credited Creator: Series creator Sam Singer supposedly served as the writer, producer, director, animator, musician, editor, and sole voice actor. But due to the short amount of information behind Paddy (there are no credits whatsoever in the cartoons themselves outside of a "Medallion Productions" credit at the end), it's unknown how much involvement he truly had in production.
  • Descended Creator: Singer provided the voice of Paddy Pelican along with the rest of the show's characters.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series hasn't been on television for decades. While six episodes are known to exist, it's not clear if that's all that was made (see below).
  • Missing Episode: According to the "TV Film Series in Production Since April 1" list in the June 19, 1954 issue of Billboard, 65 episodes were planned. Only six are known to exist. The other 59 were either never produced, or are lost.
  • No Budget: The existing episodes suggest that Singer couldn't afford animation cels, let alone a cast or crew.
  • Talking to Himself: Every character was voiced by Singer.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican Wiki, very obviously done as a joke, complete with Moe Anthropomorphism Paddy-Tan!


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