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Trivia / The Adventures Of Jaina

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  • Ascended Extra: Several generic or one-dimensional NPC characters get this treatment, most notably the Zarosian desert bandits and the townsfolk of Lumbridge and Yanille.
  • Shout-Out: Quite a few, most prominently Jaina herself, both her real name and her Myreque alias Kreia Fel.
    • Elsa, the deceased former queen of Miscellania mentioned in Heart to Heart is an obvious homage to Elsa from Frozen.
    • There’s also Jaina’s father, Daelin.
    • Shyvana, Azzanadra’s deceased daughter.
    • Jaina describes her first husband, Prince Brand, as a “spoony bard.” Ozan is also called one by the Zarosian desert people.
  • What Could Have Been: Word of God has stated that Secret Union came to be primarily because of suggestions from a friend; she was originally going to have Jaina simply accept that Mahjarrat don’t marry for Azzanadra’s sake.
    • A scene in "The Mage's Treasure" that included Eblis the mystic's family members was cut for the sake of brevity.
    • She had also wanted to include a scene in Growing Pains where Wahisietel and Akthanakos tell Jaina a Mahjarrat legend, which ended up being cut due to how long the story was getting.

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