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  • Creator's Apathy:
    • Both Freeform and CBN are pretty open about this regarding their partnership. Freeform has stated they don't care whether or not anyone watches it, while Pat Robertson refuses to terminate his contract out of spite for the network's "satanic" content.
    • In January 2021, CBN had a twelve hour Sunday telethon that started at noon and ended at midnight. Freeform went on Twitter to declare the channel was going "off the air" for twelve hours and, without directly mentioning the telethon at all, encouraged their audience to not watch the channel during those twelve hours and to come back at midnight to watch an airing of Matilda.
  • Executive Meddling: The only reason why Freeform airs the show at all is due to the contract when Disney purchased the network, thanks to some people not looking it over all the way. Given that they air the show in times when their normal demographic wouldn't be watching, Freeform puts up sarcastic warnings both before and after each airing, and doesn't even put their branding on the show during the airings, demonstrating that they're clearly not happy about it. The show itself probably isn't all that happy about their "home" either, given how sexualized and non-traditional the channel has become.
    • Hell, Disney has tried to use their limitless cash funds to make Robertson go away, but apparently he's refused any and all offers, despite his show being now available through online means in addition to broadcast syndication.
  • Screwed by the Network: Freeform hates this show. On weekdays, they bury it at a 10:00am morning slot, an 11:00pm night slot, and a 3:00am graveyard slot, by giving it several Content Warnings as an attempt to shoo away Freeform viewers from watching the show and they remove all Freeform branding during the program. Considering the very controversial views presented by Robertson's crew and 700's socially conservative demographic directly clashing with the socially progressive one Freeform aims for, the way the network screws it over is not that surprising and is pretty much Justified. Despite the fact that 700 airs on TBN and local religious TV stations, CBN refuses to terminate the contract, much to the chagrin of Disney.
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  • Streisand Effect: CBN went to great lengths to make sure that a particular conspiracy theory by Pat about "AIDS rings" never saw the light of day. Not only did it cut his comments from the online and cable reruns of that particular episode of The 700 Club, but it used copyright notices to take down copies of the video on YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. However, word had spread around the Internet about the comments, and CBN's attempts to censor the video only added to the negative blowback. CBN eventually backed off and allowed videos to be reposted.


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