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Trivia / Thank God You're Here

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  • Actor Allusion: One of The Wiggles, Anthony Fields, was costumed as a karate instructor, and devised a martial art where skill was denoted by different coloured skivvies.
  • Channel Hop: From Ten to Seven for the fourth season.
  • Dawson Casting: Whenever the actors play someone younger then themselves. Also subverted in a Kate Langbroek sketch, where she played a cheerleading squad applicant, which had a running gag where the applicant-takers would continually reveal facts about her that drove up her characters age (starting with her character being a pensioner and working up from there).
    • Similarly inverted in a memorable sketch where Julia Zemiro was confronted by her parents over what appears to be a Wild Teen Party. She tries to justify it by reminding them of her excellent VCE results, only to be told that that was 14 years ago.


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