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Trivia / Tesseract

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  • More Popular Spin Off: In two different ways, no less!
    • Tesseract was originally concieved as a solo project for Acle whilst he was in Fellsilent. When he realised that Tesseract would be better served as a full-time project, he left his previous band. Whilst Fellsilent were fairly popular amongst the British metal underground, Tesseract have become much more successful.
    • James Moneith, Amos Williams and Abisola Obasanya were members of rap-rock group <209>, which again never became as successful as Tesseract. When Tesseract became a proper live project, the three members migrated to Tesseract to fill out the lineup.
  • The Pete Best:
    • Probably 99% of Tesseract listeners and fans have never heard the name Julien Perier. But, he was the band's original vocalist!
    • Abisola Obasanya. He did perform live with the band and recorded his own versions of some tracks from "One" before his departure (these versions are still widely circulated online by long-time fans of the band). But, he is mainly forgotten these days.
    • Ashe O'Hara has faded into relative obscurity following his departure from the band. But, he's still active in the music industry. He's still a member of the progressive metal band Voices From The Fuselage, which he was in before joining Tesseract. He also occasionally releases solo music, and occasionally does guest vocal appearances for other bands.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Both songs from the Regrowth EP were originally re-worked for the band's upcoming 5th album. But, the band didn't feel like they fit on it, and decided to release them separately instead to help raise money for victims of the Russo-Ukranian war.
  • Saved from Development Hell: Regrowth. Both songs on it are older tracks that pre-date even One.