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Trivia / Terminal Velocity (1994)

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  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $50 million. Box office, $16,487,349.
  • Dueling Works: With Drop Zone, another film based around Special Forces skydivers, also released in late 1994. Drop Zone was supposed to be released first, but reshoots ended up delaying it until after Terminal Velocity was released. As a note, both films also starred actors who have experienced personal trouble in later years: Charlie Sheen was the star of Terminal Velocity, while Wesley Snipes was the lead for Drop Zone.
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  • Fake American: Canadian actress Sofia Shinas as Broken Legs Max.
  • Fake Nationality: German Nastassja Kinski as the Russian-pretending-to-be-American Chris Morrow/Krista Moldova.
  • Fake Russian: Americans James Gandolfini and Christopher McDonald as the Russians Stefan and Kerr (with the former pretending to be an American named "Ben Pinkwater").