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  • Missing Episode: Some strips did not make the cut to the official webseries. The Naver contract also necessitated the removal of the motion comic adaptations that had been created by Cutbu, of her original strips. Though there are archived versions of some of the Tumblr comics, it remains iffy on just how many are found vs. lost
    • For a brief time in early 2014, Cutbu's Tumblr was revamped for there to be a "Cutbu Crew" consisting of her and two guest artists, Essenti and Undunkook. After the Naver contract, their comics also vanished.
  • You Look Familiar: While intended to be the same characters, the nature of the comic sees Songjo and Ganhan playing many different roles, to the point where it's referenced in a strip of this very name. Ganhan realizes he's seen Songjo before, and asks if he's a neighbor. Songjo's answer is that he's a stalker.
    • The character "Shito" had his design re-used for the superhero Fartman in the second-to-last comic strip.

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