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  • Anime First: The anime premiered first.
  • Bonus Material:
    • Gurren Lagann has had a number of extra animated shorts and side episodes produced for release on DVD sets or bundled with other products, including 15 "Parallel Works" music videos, a 12-minute episode bundled with the DS game, a video manga called Viral's Sweet Dream, and a director's cut version of episode 6.
    • There's a Yonkoma in between every chapter of the manga adaptation, along with various extra chapters that explore the characters, such as Kiyal's comedic rebellion against Dai-Gurren, Yoko attaining her own Gunman, and an encounter with Nia's older sister.
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  • Breakthrough Hit: For Hiroyuki Imaishi
  • Dear Negative Reader: Osamu Kobayashi was the guest director for episode 4. His look for the characters and animation style received some criticism from 2ch when it first aired. Producer Takami Akai made a disparaging comment about said criticisms (he said it was like putting your face next to an anus and breathing deeply) and ended up resigning his post as a result of the fan backlash.
  • Dueling Dubs: In Russian. Reanimedia's highly praised dub has been around since 2009, yet Fan, a newly established satellite network, chose to air a different one (distributed by Wakanim) in 2018.
  • Dueling Works: Oddly, with Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Gainax got a strongly worded letter from Toei when a manga was posted with one scene depicting Yoko shooting Weasel Mascot Coco. Apparently, magical girls were a threat to the high-octane action this anime became.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Beamspam McMuppet — Attenborough, the Gonkish weapons officer of the DaiGurren, who loves his work a little too much.
      • Also known as Button Smash McMuppet.
    • Captain Garlock — the captain in the prologue to the first episode, who resembles Captain Harlock. He is believed to be an alternate version of, and should not be confused with, the much less arrogant Post-Timeskip Simon, who is referred to as Captain Starlock.
      • Likewise the assistant standing next to him is referred to as Bootaide. An uplifted Boota shows up in the later episodes as well.
      • The GARcadia — The Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, a.k.a. Cathedral Terra. By logical extension of the above nickname.
    • Cotton Hill — Makken of the Team Dai-Gurren, who resembles Hank Hill's father.
    • Doombitch — Yoko, who gave a Last Kiss to two characters, Kamina and Kittan, who then died of Retirony.
      • In her defense, Kittan was the one who kissed Yoko, and that was AFTER he decided he was going on a suicide mission to give Team Dai-Gurren the chance they needed to win.
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    • Professer Midrift — Otherwise known as Leite. Named as such due to nearly every scene she's featured in displaying her nerdy abs.
    • Startits- Yoko earns this one for the literally star-studded bra she wears as part of her space-faring outfit. Just watch Kittan's first reaction to it and you'll know why.
    • Bruce Ironstaunch — An otherwise unnamed background character who only appears in one scene in the series, making a supportive, strong-armed gesture to Rossiu during the speech where he gives news of Simon's death sentence and word of an escape plan to save the city's population from their planet's moon, which is set to collide with the planet. In Western culture, however, Bruce's gesture translates roughly to "fuck you," and as such several fan artworks of Bruce have been created by Western viewers, depicting Bruce beating on Rossiu or just being manly in general.
      • The same memetic Fanon holds he's the one who threw that anonymous rock at Rossiu. But, whoever it was, there is at least one fan club dedicated to them.
    • Kamina-sama: adding 'the great' as a prefix optional. — Kamina. Let's face it; the man deserves it.
    • Lulussiu and Spinsimon: Rossiu and Simon, respectively after the Time Skip, because the same English voice actors voice both pairs, and because of both pairs' similar actions and relationships. Also note the oddness that each voices the generally like main character in one series, and The Scrappy in the other.
      • Namely, Rossiu's penchant for Xanatos Gambits and Simon's Uhhh. Spinning.
    • The Anti-Spiral King: To diferentiate this Walking Spoiler from the Anti-Spiral Race. Though they do overlap.
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  • No Dub for You: The movies. Aniplex has stated that while they are releasing the movies in the United States, they aren't going to dub them because they don't see a need to spend the money unless someone desires to show them on TV. They have a point as the movies are essentially abridged recaps of the TV series with some slight (if not fan preferred) changes and new animations.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • The reason Bridget Hoffman took over the role post-Time Skip was that Hynden Walch had personal matters to sort out and had to drop out of the show. It works better than most examples since Nia is a slightly different character now that she aged.
    • Dai-Gurren's helmsman, Gabal Docker, was voiced by Steve Schatzberg for volume 3 but was replaced by Joe Ochman in subsequent volumes due to Schatzberg's death from cancer in August 2008. It was Schatzberg's final voiceover role. By some stroke of bad luck, Ochman was for whatever reason unavailable to record Gabal's sole line for the final episode, so Keith Silverstein (Makken) filled in for him.
  • The Other Marty: Before ADV Films lost the license during its last years as a major anime licensing studio, several episodes of the dub had already been recorded.
  • Reality Subtext: The explosion that takes out Adiane in Episode 12 is obviously modeled off of the United States' Crossroads Baker nuclear test in 1946.
  • Refitted for Sequel: In the original TV series, there just wasn't enough time or money for the animation team to put in everything they wanted, which is why so many of the cast were killed off. Thankfully, the series was successful enough to warrant film adaptations, and the second film includes all of the content they originally wanted to add in.
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  • What Could Have Been:
    • If ADV had finished the dub, Simon would've been voiced by Josh Grelle, while Viral would've been voiced by Vic Mignogna.
    • When ADV was handling the dub, Brett Weaver (the voice of Nabeshin and Gai Daigoji) was set to play Kamina. Much disappointment was expressed when ADV's collapse meant this was no longer possible.
    • In the Bandai dub, Crispin Freeman was going to voice Kamina before Kyle Hebert got that role.
    • Steve Blum also intended to voice Kamina until he saw a picture of Leeron. The producers were unsure about having Blum voice Leeron, but let him auditioned and were blown away by his performance.
  • The Wiki Rule: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Wiki.
  • Made its debut in the Super Robot Wars series in The Second Super Robot Wars Z: Hakai-hen, and remained a mainstay for the rest of the Z series, each installment incorporating elements from both the TV series and the movies. Of note, it was arguably the most important series in The Third Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen where its final arc takes center stage. It also appears in Super Robot Wars OE (although it's only Simon, Kamina, Yoko and Viral from a very early point in the story), Super Robot Wars X-Ω, and most recently its post-timeskip arc/second movie was covered in Super Robot Wars X. The series is also notable for being included because when it's involved, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is usually the most powerful unit in the game.


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