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  • Foreign Language Theme: In a deep contrast with the soundtrack from previous games, the opening theme of Namida is sung in English by none other than famous British opera singer Sarah Brightman. And it's awesome.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Kabuki Klash is the only game in the franchise that was released in English, and while the English translation of the game is decent, the translation assumes the player already knows many plot points from the two first games, leaving many Western players baffled as to why some characters seem to have known each other for quite some time.
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  • No Export for You: Has the dubious honor of being one of the largest JRPG franchises to not see a release outside of Japan (Kabuki Klash notwithstanding). The games are somewhat notorious for being extremely hard to translate into other languages (such as English) since they deal so much with Japanese culture, even if it is (mostly) Played for Laughs.
  • What Could Have Been: An especially bad case when it comes to localizations:
    • The second game, Manjimaru, was at the time one of the flagship games for the PC-Engine, and Hudson announced back then in magazines that they were working on an American version. The console being not popular enough killed those localization plans (TTI was planning to release it as Far East of Eden II before their closing), alongside Tengai Makyou III Namida for the PC-FX... It was, however, remade for the PS2 (not without another cancellation, for the Nintendo GameCube version, and the planned localization by Konami USA), but the plot was heavily rewritten. Plans for a PS1 version of III alongside a fifth and sixth game in the main series were canned as well.
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    • Oriental Blue was at one time slated to appear on the E3 2003 Nintendo of America lineup. Even the Japanese version has internal strings for "Tengai Makyou USA" and test scripts for the scrapped English version. Fortunately, that one was fan-translated... But there's also the fact that a sequel, Oriental Red, was planned at one point for release for a system that supported voice acting.
    • Tengai Makyou Ziria was remade for the Xbox 360, and that remake was announced at E3 2006 for an English localization... which was never released despite being almost completed (according to Hudson Soft in 2009). The stated reason was that it didn't meet Microsoft's sales expectations.

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