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  • Actor Allusion: Madam Serena compares Louise to Punky Brewster. Robyn Lively had played Lisa in Punky Brewster.
  • Box Office Bomb: It only brought in $27,000 in theaters and was heavily overshadowed its premiere week against films such as Field of Dreams and Pet Sematary (1989). Thankfully it's ended up Vindicated by Cable since.
  • Casting Gag: Dick Sargent, best known as The Other Darrin (literally) on Bewitched, plays the father of a teenage witch.
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  • Corpsing: Robyn Lively claims she tried her hardest not to corpse while filming the scene where she sits on Zelda Rubinstein's lap - as it was filmed after lunch and Zelda had terrible breath.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Robyn Lively regrets how seriously she took the dancing. She even twisted her ankle filming the 'most popular girl' spin. She also wishes the love scene wasn't in it, as she didn't realise what it was implying when she filmed it.
    • Subverted with Joshua Miller, who played Louise's demonic younger brother. Initially ashamed of the movie, once he became aware of its cult popularity, he became more receptive to it.
  • Hey, It's That Place!: Louise walks into the same house from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video at the start of the movie.
  • Poster Displacement: As evidenced above, the theatrical release poster has the romantic interest with not that many lines and is pretty much eye candy take up a full half the poster, while the protagonist and deuteragonist are much smaller.
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  • No Export for You: No soundtrack was recorded, because the film didn't have the budget for it.
  • Old Shame: Mandy Ingber, who played Polly, refers to the movie as a bad summer job. The "Top That" rap apparently 'haunts' her to this day. Robyn Lively says that Ingber was dreading it the whole time.
  • Real-Life Relative: Robyn Lively claims her mother helped come up with Louise's wardrobe.
  • Romance on the Set: Dan Gauthier (Brad) dated Lisa Fuller (Randa), and they married shortly after the movie wrapped.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • As noted on the main page, the film was originally imagined as a Distaff Counterpart to Teen Wolf. Along the way it became a completely different standalone story.
    • Mandy Ingber (Polly) claims that the famous "Top That" number wasn't in the original script and only added in on re-shoots.
    • The love scene between Brad and Louise was added in on re-shoots to make the film sexier.
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    • After the soundtrack's popularity, the original composers recorded a proper version (though with new artists this time) in anticipation of a stage musical adaptation.
    • A remake was announced in 2010, with Ashley Tisdale as Louise, but never got off the ground.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Robyn Lively says she thinks that Louise realises her love for Brad is an illusion shortly after the end of the movie

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