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  • Creator Backlash:
    • The band really hated "The Way You Are". They only recorded it because the record company demanded a new song for a single, and they had performed it live. Orzabal wrote in the liner notes to Saturnine Martial & Lunatic that it was "the point at which we realised we had to change direction", leading to the band's first New Sound Album on Songs from the Big Chair. It must be said, however, that "The Way You Are" was recorded during the same sessions as "Mothers Talk" and "The Working Hour", and "Broken" and "Head over Heels" had already been written and performed live, so it was more of a case of releasing it as a single because they wanted to save the best tracks for the album. They later wished they hadn't put it out, but are fond of its B-Side "The Marauders".
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    • The band's first single "Suffer the Children" was an Old Shame for them, due to them seeing the lyrics as naïve. As a result, it wasn't included on their greatest hits compilation Tears Roll Down and is often overlooked on later ones.
  • Development Hell: They've been working on their latest album for a long time. As of October 12th, 2017, they have released the first single from it.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • The band's early singles and their B-sides were rerecorded for The Hurting, and most of the originals have not appeared on CD due to the album versions being used on compilations. The B Side "Wino" has also never appeared on CD, probably due to being written about Roland Orzabal's father.
    • The original releases of the first three albums have way more dynamic range than the remasters, which suffer from the Loudness War. Thus they can qualify as this for fans who don't like brickwalling.
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    • The original video of the 1990 concert initially issued as Going to California has five songs on it that do not appear on the DVD/CD reissue, Live from Santa Barbara (although one of these is just a short intro). The missing songs are "Women of Ireland", "Change", "Pale Shelter", "Mad World", and "All You Need Is Love". The complete concert is, however, available as a bonus for the DVD of Scenes from the Big Chair.
  • Recursive Import: Saturnine Martial & Lunatic was designed for the US market to satisfy demand for the Elemental-era rarities, as the singles were not released over there, and padded out with a selection of earlier non-LP material, excluding any Hurting-era tracks (which were released when the group was not widely known in the US anyway). It was immediately a popular import into the UK and Europe due to its convenience and inclusion of the singles "The Way You Are" and "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams", which had been omitted from their earlier Tears Roll Down compilation. It was ultimately released in the UK and Europe partly because Tears for Fears had left Mercury (due to the label's decision not to release Raoul and the Kings of Spain) and thus owed the label a final album.
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  • Retroactive Recognition: Will Gregory played the saxophone for them in the '80s.
  • Troubled Production: They often take a long time to record albums. In the case of The Seeds of Love, this is partially because the arrangements were so complicated - the title track alone reportedly took several weeks merely to mix. Additionally, the band went through several producers for the album before finally settling on Dave Bascombe, largely because they had grown tired of using sequencers and machines. On the other hand, Orzabal is also apparently quite superstitious and does not always wish to record, which also lengthened recording sessions. The album reportedly cost around £1 million to make.

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