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Trivia / Tangerine Dream

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  • Creative Differences: Something happened between Christopher Franke and Edgar Froese in 1987 that led to the former's departure, but it's never been made clear what. Froese's heavy use of sarcasm makes it very difficult to get a clear picture of what happened.
  • Throw It In!:
    • The odd, slightly dissonant sequencer pattern on the latter part of "Thru Metamorphic Rocks" was the result of a burnt-out transistor in the mixing desk. The band liked the sound, though, and improvised over it.
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    • In the original release of Ricochet, the sound of two hands clapping can be heard at the beginning of Part 2. This is the final bit of applause before the music started, and was possibly left as a buffer before the start of the piece.


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