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  • Bad Export for You: The remake was released overseas with little to no problems during gameplay, but the translated works can be awkward. It seems weird to call the protagonist "Kor" in the dialogue when they all name him as "Shing" in voiced clips. It's even more weird when you consider Kohaku and Hisui's names were already translated back in Tales of Graces as Amber and Jadeite, respectively, but return to their original romanization. And then there's a number of awkward translations that barely correspond to the original script. Though the entire translation itself isn't as bad as, say, DeJap's translation of Tales of Phantasia, it's still eye-twitching to know the translating efforts took two steps back.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Sexygeki Backkouken for Kohak's "Final Fury" arte.
    • "dat ass" for Kohak. Seriously, just look at the outfit.
  • Name's the Same: Two siblings named after jade and amber. I've seen this before.
    • And while we're on the subject of characters named after gemstones...Beryl and Kunzite?
      • Hilariously, Hisui was known as "Jadeite" thanks to the localization of Tales of Graces before Hearts R's localization changed it back.
  • No Dub for You: The first Tales game to not have a dub since the original Tales of Destiny back in the PlayStation days.
  • No Export for You: Played straight with both Nintendo DS versionsnote . Subverted with the PS Vita remake.
  • Playing Against Type: The voice behind the waif-ish Richea is Kaori Shimizu, who though not pigeonholed specifically, seems to be more known as tough, bad ass ladies.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Kaori Shimizu was announced first. Of course it's expected that Mamiko Noto will butt in. And she did, as Chalcedny's liege/girlfriend.
    • Both Kor/Shing and Kohaku happen to both be Simon and Youko respectively. Now if ONLY Lloyd Irving was there to pep talk both of them as their Kamina....
  • Remade for the Export: The PS Vita version was what got translated.

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