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  • Adored by the Network: Nickelodeon constantly ran previews and ads for the show when it was airing. Even people who didn't watch it confessed to getting the catchy theme song stuck in their head.
  • Follow the Leader: Nickelodeon's second sitcom with Latino protagonists, following The Brothers Garcia. One character on the latter is even a fame-seeking teenage girl.
    • Then we have Victorious, a show whose premise is almost verbatim copy of Taina.
  • Money, Dear Boy: The show was cancelled, despite its good ratings, because it was apparently too expensive to produce.
  • She Also Did:
  • Screwed by the Network: Despite getting Nickelodeon's biggest ratings in three years (and the ratings doubled in the second season), it was cancelled both because it was getting too expensive to produce and because executives thought it only appealed to girls.
  • Technology Marches On: The episode with the cell phone is hilariously dated after the days of smart phones. That said, it's still absolutely hilarious when everyone holds paperclips and connects to Taina to help her get reception.

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