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  • Creator Backlash: TJ ended up not being rather fond of letting his channel become a bit generic in his opinion, when he originally intended for it to be a good bit more experimental and fun. He eventually cut his hair as a sign of it and declared he would return to that spirit.
  • Name's the Same: He and another RVT contributor, The Omega, have nothing to do with each other; the 'omega' in the name is a mere coincidence.
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  • Old Shame: He considers TJ TV this to a degree. By his own admission it was made the way it was to try and get him on Channel Awesome (then That Guys With The Glasses), and with recent scandals and problems with the site (one of which hurt some of his friends personally), he's come to regret doing so and it's part of the reason he hasn't been able to do the series for a long time. As a result, the series will receive a retool to make it more his style and what he genuinely wants to do.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime was initially on TJ's Plastic Addict list, but he eventually took him off because of the robot mode.
    • Revenge of the Fallen Blazemaster came close to being a Plastic Addict victim, but the vehicle mode only just barely saved him from that.
    • Universe '08 Cheetor was also close to being an Addict victim, but was saved by the cheetah mode, which for the first time ever actually looked like a cheetah

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