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Trivia / Sweetness & Lightning

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  • Bonus Material: The compiled volumes of the manga offer epilogue-kind-of-panels for each chapter, and they also provide the recipes of the dishes that were prepared in each one of them.
  • Children Voicing Children: Similar to Barakamon, most of the children are voiced by actual kids, such as Rina Endou (11 years old as of August 2016) as Tsumugi.
  • Fan Nickname: Due to her physical resemblance to Yang Xiao Long, Tsumugi has been affectionately called "Mini Yang" or "Little Yang" by Western fans.
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  • Relationship Voice Actor: Once again, Saori Hayami is voicing a character (in this case, Kotori) with a one sided crush on Yuuichi Nakamura's character (Kouhei).


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