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The 1975 series provides examples of:

  • The Other Darrin:
    • Terry Scully played Vic Thatcher in "Genesis", "Spoil of War", "Law and Order" and "The Future Hour". After Scully had a nervous breakdown, Hugh Walters assumed the role in "Revenge" and "A Beginning".
    • Tanya Ronder played Lizzie Willoughby in Seasons One and Two while Angie Stevens played her in Season Three.
    • Sally Osborne played Agnes Carlsson in her first appearance in the Season Two episode "New World" while Anna Pitt played her when she became a recurring character in Season Three.
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  • Real-Life Relative: John Millon is played by Stephen Dudley, the son of the series' producer Terence Dudley, while Lizzie Willoughby is initially played by Tanya Ronder, the daughter of one of the series' writers Jack Ronder. Ronder wrote "Gone to the Angels" in which John and Lizzie were introduced.

The 2008 series provides examples of:

  • Too Soon: The second season was somewhat delayed because of swine flu.


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