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WARNING: Spoilers ahead are unmarked. You have been warned.

For the band:

  • Name's the Same: As that popular American TV show. Which didn't go too well with the band, as they threatened to sue CBS, the network that aired the show. They didn't succeed.
    • They reunited (partly) in the 1990s, with Dave Bickler as their vocalist. At the same time, Jimi Jamison formed a band and they performed as 'Jimi Jamison's Survivor', which didn't go down too well with the original band members.
    • Their less famous hit ballad, Is This Love, also the name of a much more popular Whitesnake song. To the point being where both songs share the same first line for the chorus, being "Is this love that I'm feeling?"
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  • What Could Have Been: Jamison was a preferred choice as a vocalist for Deep Purple, after Ian Gillan left the band in the late 1980s, but the record company did not let it happen. They had to choose Joe Lynn Turner instead.

For the TV series:

  • Big Name Fan: Mario Lanza, creator and owner of the extremely popular fan site The Funny 115, and writer of (among many others), the popular fanfics All-Star Survivor: Hawaii, All-Star Survivor: Greece and All-Star Survivor: Alaska. He's also considered to be one of the most prominent and knowledgeable experts on the show.
  • Creator's Pest: Ironically, despite accusations of Russell Hantz being a Creator's Pet, Jeff stated in this interview that Russell is his least favorite contestant.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Pagonging" is when, after tribes merge, the one with the majority systematically eliminates the other (named for the Pagong tribe of Borneo, the first victim of this). As many of the players don't feel a need to immediately break the original tribal alliances upon merging, pagonging is attempted rather often. (It often leads to a Boring, but Practical strategy if one thinks about it; because removing the opposing alliances at merge means you can waltz undefeated to the finals.)
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    • "Ulonging" is similar; only the tribe gets utterly destroyed before the merge by losing challenges. Named for the Ulong tribe in Palau, who lost every single Immunity challenge. They went down in history as the only tribe to be completely eliminated before the merge (except for Stephenie). In fact, there was no official merge in that season because of this.
      • "Matsinging", named for the tribe from Philippines, is similar but refers specifically to a losing tribe in 3-tribe seasons since those seasons have different dynamics. Interestingly, those dynamics tend to put the survivors of these in favorable positions after their tribe is inevitably dissolved.
    • "Loser Lodge" is a popular term for the Ponderosa, the nearby complex at which Jury members are sequestered before the Final Tribal Council.
      • "The Mayor of Ponderosa" is a nickname given to the first member of the jury.
      • The name "Ponderosa" comes from another long-running TV show; it's the homestead ranch featured in Series/Bonanza.
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    • "Mactor" is a Portmanteau of "model" and "actor", referring to the large number of models and wannabe actors who've been cast over the years. It's implied to mean in a cynical way that said mactor doesn't care about being on Survivor and is only on the show for the exposure (as opposed to an "applicant" who is more likely to have watched previous seasons).
    • "Gamebot" is a player whose entire focus is on winning the game and maximizing their success at winning the game at the expense of everything else (such as, you know, maybe enjoying the experience, or remembering that this is a social game too). They are differentiated from most players (who also want to win) by their total disinterest in anything that doesn't advance them further in the game. A good example of this is Amanda and Danielle during Heroes vs Villains when they went along with Colby to the home of Robert Louis Stevenson on reward. Amanda even said out loud that she didn't care about the reward itself, and just wanted a clue to the next hidden immunity idol.
    • "Advantagegeddon" refers to the final 6 Tribal Council in Game Changers where 3 immunity idols and a legacy advantage were played, sending Cirie out of the game as the only person not immune. By extension, it refers to any theoretical scenario where the same can happen.
    • Here's a few other popular (or once popular) fan nicknames for alliances featured on the show:
      • "Boran Boys Club" (Lex, Big Tom, and Ethan during Africa)
      • "The Rotu 4" (John, Tammy, Robert Decanio, and Zoe during Marquesas)
      • "Twigs and Sticks" (Jenna and Heidi during The Amazon)
      • "The Fat Five" (Lea, Bubba, Chris, Chad, and Rory during Vanuatu)
      • "Crazy Casaya" (Shane, Courtney, Danielle, Aras, Cirie, Bruce, and Bobby during Panama. This is an exception in that it describes the entire tribe instead of a specific alliance.)
      • "Aitu 4" (Yul, Sundra, Ozzy, and Becky during Cook Islands)
      • "Black Widow Brigade" (Parvati, Amanda, Cirie, Natalie, and Alexis during Micronesia)
      • "The Onions" (Marcus, Charlie, Corinne, Jacquie, later Randy and Bob during Gabon)
      • "The Ometepe five/six" (Andrea, Natalie, Grant, Phillip, Ashley, plus Rob when it's six, during Redemption Island)
      • CRABS (Coach, Rick, Albert, Brandon, and Sophie during South Pacific.) After Edna joined, the acronym got changed to BRACES.
      • "Stealth R Us 2.0" in Caramoan (Phillip, Andrea, Cochran, Dawn, Malcolm, and Corinne initially, later Sherri, Erik, and Brenda join after the latter two defect.)
      • "Cool Kids Club" in Caramoan (Reynold, Eddie, Allie, and Hope. Later it becomes Malcolm, Reynold, Eddie, Corinne, and Michael.)
      • The "Three Amigos" alliance in Caramoan (Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie.)
      • "The Witches Coven" (Kelly Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi-Maria in Cambodia)
      • "Cool Kids 2.0" (Taylor, Jay, Michelle, Will, Figgy, later joined by Michaela and Hannah (who defected)) and "Nerd Voting Bloc" (Adam, Zeke and Hannah) on the Millennials side of Millennials Vs. Gen-X.
      • On Gen-X, there was "Paul's Posse" (Paul, Chris, Bret, Sunday, Jessica and Lucy) but after a swap, losing its members, and making the merge with the outcasts, they formed together and became "The Gen-X Alliance" (Chris, Bret, Sunday, David, Jessica and Ken).
    • "CG-I", to refer to a player with an Out of Focus edit to the point that they seem almost digitally inserted into the show halfway through the season. In a similar vain, thanks to Purple Kelly's Out of Focus edit in Nicaragua, people have referred to Out of Focus contestants as "Purple ______".
    • Shortly after she was voted out first again, Francesca gained nicknames such as "Anti-Sandra," or "Reverse-Sandra," etc.
    • The "idol with special powers" in Cagayan is referred to as the "Tyler Perry idol", since the idea came from a text message from Tyler Perry to Jeff Probst.
    • "The Smurfs tribe", the post-shuffle Escameca in Worlds Apart due to the tribe having blue Color Motif and The Smurfette Principle being blonde and an original member of said blue tribe.
    • The term "Big Move-itis" often referred to as when somebody makes a big move just for the sake of making a big move despite it being more or less a bad move to make at that point in the game.
    • After Stephen Fishbach incorrectly refer to Missy as Muffin on Rob Has a Podcast, several fans start calling Missy by Muffin.
    • The eleven people who were not voted to play on Cambodia is often referred by fans as the Bitter Eleven.
    • "Casuals" and "Superfans" are often referred by the fandom for when the former often takes the show as a hour of television while the latter often dives in the full story and are way more active in the Survivor fandom.
    • Many fans have taken to referring Ghost Island contestant Chris Noble as The Noble One.
    • Donald Glover for Wendell Holland (aka the winner of Ghost Island) thanks to how similar looking they are.
    • The term "Island Hot" is used to describe players who are considered to be becoming more attractive the longer they stay in the game as they lose weight, get more tanned, and, in the case of the men, grow beards.
    • Goats are referred to people who are intentionally taken to the end of the game by other players with the knowledge that none of the jurors shall vote for them to win.
  • Follow the Leader: Started an entire wave of reality shows. In fact, Jeff Probst's first speech to the players in Heroes Vs Villains called his beloved show "the greatest adventure game in the history of television".
  • In Memoriam:
  • Money, Dear Boy: Jimmy Johnson calmly said (twice) that he expected his NFL fame and riches would keep him from winning Nicaragua; he intended to help another Espada member win the game. However, Jimmy T. didn't believe that the legendary coach would remain that humble and selfless.
  • Out of Order: Kaoh Rong (Season 32) was filmed from March 30, 2015 – May 7, 2015, but since production wanted Cambodia as the 31st season, they held off airing it until February 16 2016. In another bit of trivia, Cambodia began filming nearly two weeks after Kaoh Rong finished filming.
  • Romance on the Set: "Boston" Rob and Amber during All-Stars is the most obvious. There's also Amanda and Ozzy in Micronesia, Keith and Whitney in South Pacific (to the point that she left her husband for him), and Colleen and Greg all the way back in Borneo (although they insisted it was only friendship). Julie Berry from Vanuatu once dated Jeff Probst himself. However, most players wisely avoid this, at least overtly - nothing says "unbreakable alliance" like two players making out.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Despite many superfans clamouring for some sort of international crossover all-stars season with US returnees competing with returnees from Australia, New Zealand and/or South Africa in the late 2010s, territorial rights issues mean that such a season will likely never see the light of day.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The hosting job for Survivor came down to Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan. Probst got it due to his live TV work and due to an interview on Access Hollywood where he flirted with Sandra Bullock. However, if Probst hadn't been chosen, imagine what both Survivor and The Amazing Race would be like with Phil as the Survivor host.
    • Survivor beat out an attempted revival of What's My Line? for a prime time slot. Imagine how different television would have been had CBS picked that up instead...
    • Shane Powers was actually intended to return twice, but both times, got replaced. He was intended to return in Micronesia, but was replaced by Jonny Fairplay. Shane was also intended to return in Heroes vs. Villains, but was replaced by Russell.
      • He also could have been voted into Cambodia, but didn't get enough votes.
      • He also turned down Blood vs. Water because he didn't want to have to play against his son.
    • Other people were considered to return for the show. Sandra was actually one of the people dropped at the last moment in Micronesia. Tom Westman was asked to come back to Micronesia, but he declined the offer.
      • Sandra was also asked to come back for All-Stars, but she declined as she was recovering from parasites that she picked up from her time in Pearl Islands.
    • The original filming location intended for Season 4 was the country of Jordan, but due to a certain event in America in 2001, it was changed to Marquesas.
    • Season 11 was originally planned to be set in an Indian Ocean locale (Madagascar, southern India, and Sri Lanka were all scouted), but it was changed to Guatemala due to the Boxing Day tsunami.
    • Some castaways, prior to being eventually selected for Survivor, initially applied for The Amazing Race first. Some examples are Parvati Shallow, Earl Cole, Natalie White, Monica & Brad Culpepper, and Kelley Wentworth, Jon Misch, and Jaclyn Schultz.
    • Vecepia was asked to come back to All-Stars, but she couldn't as she was pregnant at the time.
      • Though Vecepia herself has claimed that she was never contacted, so...
    • Richard Hatch was supposed to be on Heroes vs. Villains as well, but he was under house arrest at the time and wasn't able to get permission from the courts to leave the country to film it. Additionally, both Yau-Man Chan and Corinne Kaplan had to turn down coming back due to work obligations.
    • Tina Scheer was going to be in Guatemala but her son died through a car accident and Amy O'Hara went on to replace her.
    • Redemption Island was originally planned as Russell vs. Richard, with the tribes comprised of returning players chosen in a draft. After Richard was denied permission to leave the country again, the draft idea was scrapped and Boston Rob, Russell's rival from Heroes vs. Villains, was chosen as Richard's replacement.
    • Fiji is so far the only season with an odd number of players as well as the first with a gender imbalance, due to one of the players quitting and not being replaced.
      • Additionally it was rumored that this was supposed to have a similar tribe split as in Cook Islands, which is further hinted to by the fact there were 5 Caucasian-American castaways (Gary, Melissa, Rocky, Boo, and Jessica), 5 Hispanic-American castaways (Liliana, Lisi, Alex, Rita, and Edgardo), 5 Asian-American castaways (Sylvia, Michelle, Mookie, Yau-Man, and Stacy), and 5 African American castaways (Anthony, Erica, Cassandra, Dreamz, and Earl) though this was changed after Melissa dropped out. Given the Unfortunate Implications this created last time, this wasn't necessarily a bad thing
    • Kelly Goldsmith was an alternate for the All-Stars season but was replaced with Shii-Ann at the last minute. She was also approached for Heroes vs. Villains, but declined when casting wouldn't tell her the concept behind the season. She was approached a third time, for Blood vs. Water, and had planned on playing, but had to decline when none of the loved ones she had chosen were able to play.
    • Hayden Moss was going to be on Nicaragua but they put Fabio on that season instead and they went on to put Hayden on Big Brother.
    • Abi-Maria Gomes was originally going to be on Tocantins but because of production feeling that she had a good layout of the land, they didn't put her on the season.
    • R.C. Saint-Amour was originally going to compete in Blood vs. Water with her father, Craig. However, just before the game started, Craig's blood pressure shot up too high, and they were unable to compete. Instead, Candice and her husband John were brought in as a last minute replacement. In fact, the season's original theme was going to be "blood tribes" vs. "water tribes" before they were pulled out and the theme was switched to "returning players vs. their families". This makes Blood vs. Water something of an Artifact Title. She was also asked for Cambodia, but declined.
    • Two players have left San Juan del Sur just before filming, resulting in the "redemption island" twist being played axed altogether, and forcing the players to have a gender imbalance for the first time since Fiji. Probst confirmed this in an interview, and did not state why they had to leave. (Fans assume something similar to what happened to Craig Saint-Amour or in The Amazing Race 24.) One of the supposed players then eventually competed in the following season.
    • According to Jeff Probst, some players declined to return for Cambodia, including Greg Buis from Borneo, Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The Australian Outback, Ian Rosenberger from Palau, Brett Clouser and Shambo Waters from Samoa, Jeff Kent and RC Saint-Amour from Phillipines, and Josh Canfield from San Juan Del Sur. CBS contacted Jon Misch, also from San Juan Del Sur, about participating, but he missed the call and didn't check his voicemail in time.
    • Adam Klein and his mother applied to be on San Juan Del Sur but had to withdraw due to her cancer diagnosis. He was given a standing invitation to appear on a later season.
    • Natalie Anderson was supposed to come back for Game Changers, however, she suffered a serious concussion just before she was due to fly out to Fiji and was forced to pull out as a result.
    • Davie Rickenbacker was never originally intended to be on David vs. Goliath, but on the following season. Instead, somebody else cast for that season left during the pre-season press interviews for unknown reasons, causing Davie to take his spot at the very last minute.
    • Dan Spilo was originally cast for Edge of Extinction, but broke his foot a few days before he was supposed to leave for Fiji, and so was bumped to the following season. Yeah, let's just say the girls on Edge may have dodged a huge bullet there...
    • Fiji winner Earl Cole declined to return for Winners at War because it would've meant missing the birth of his child.
  • The Wiki Rule: Survivor Wiki, founded in 2006 but mostly inactive until the early 2010s.

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