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  • Follow the Leader: takes a lot of inspiration from Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. The level 3 helmet is PUBG's iconic Spetsnaz helmet, the victory message is "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!", and a frying pan item can be found, which can deflect attacks from the back. It's best described as an attempt to recreate the PUBG experience as a browser game.
    • Ironically, this game has been the subject of this itself with Zombs, which launched two months later. While there are notable differences (ZombsRoyale actually replicates disembarking from the plane at the start of the round, has a tiered weapon system, uses shield potions in place of armor and adrenaline, has no scopes, instead automatically raising FOV for those with sniper rifles, and has a somewhat different art style with a more zoomed-out perspective), there are even more similarities, and they go beyond both of them being inspired by the same game. This video provides a summary of how certain updates to were soon followed by the equivalent updates to ZombsRoyale: i.e. the latter introduced Dual Pistols and Smoke Grenades two days after the former did.

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