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  • Executive Meddling: Someone at Marvel thought it would be a brilliant idea to let Jeph Loeb "borrow" the Squadron for a crossover with the Ultimate Universe that resulted in Ultimate Nick Fury and Zarda trading universes. This screwed up Straczynki's plans, so Marvel kicked him off the book and handed it over to Howard Chaykin, who rebooted the series with a team made up of pastiches of Marvel characters. Not the best move.
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  • What Could Have Been: One can only imagine how Straczynki planned to resolve his cliffhanger, and ultimately end the series. Rather fitting considering that the original Squadron Supreme comics ended unresolved as well. However, according to Straczynki himself, the crossover was a blessing in disguise as he felt he was running out of the creative spark necessary to keep the quality of writing going.