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Trivia / Superman Theatrical Cartoons

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  • Digital Destruction: Warner's DVD of the Superman Theatrical Cartoons claims to include transfers from the original masters, boasting sharp colors and no dvnr or interlacing, but they still includes some changes. These include plastered end logos for several shorts, missing sound effects from two cartoons' opening credits, and an audible jump during the prologue of The Mad Scientist.
    • An unauthorized blu-ray set of the series plays this much straighter, with terrible picture quality, watermarks on every cartoon, and an excessive amount of grain smoothing, making the cartoons look like they were dipped in vaseline.
  • Edited for Syndication: Due to the shorts being Public Domain, they were some of the earliest programming the Disney Channel used to regularly play in its early days from the 80's through the early 90's. Because they would air three shorts together in half-hour blocks, this meant they only played the "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!" crawl and the opening narration explaining Superman's backstory and powers during the first short and removed them from the other two shorts that followed, since it would be redundant to play them for all three shorts in a row.
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  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: In 'The Mad Scientist', after Lois goes off to pursue the story Clark asks Perry "Chief, don't you think that's a... dangerous mission?". On the internet, apocryphal information had sprung up that the line was originally "Chief, don't you think that's a dangerous mission for a woman?". Not only has there been no evidence of this edit across various copies, but every reference of this rumor has been in anecdotes across various comment sections and online forum posts.


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