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Trivia / Supergirl (1982)

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  • What Could Have Been: Supergirl's book ended up in an irritating cliffhanger. DC planned to continue her adventures in a new title, DC Double Comics, but then... well, Crisis on Infinite Earths happened. Writer Paul Kupperberg has explained some of his then-future plans which never saw print:
    Anj: The last issue of the title ends with the return of Dick Malverne and a romantic kiss. Do you remember what your plans were for that storyline?
    Kupperberg: Not really, although Linda was definitely going to reject Dick. At the time I wrote Supergirl #23, we thought the character was going to continue in a new title, DC Double Comics, which she was going to share with a revamp of Superboy. I wrote the first issue (which got as far as being penciled by Eduardo Barreto, and lettered), which has a scene between Linda and Dick; he confesses his lifelong love for her, but she doesn’t want any part of it. After that, Linda took off for what was planned as a six month space adventure on New Krypton, but I don’t remember what we had planned for Dick.


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