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Trivia / Supergirl (1972)

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  • Executive Meddling: Supergirl's first solo book wasn't cancelled because it sold poorly. By the mid Seventies DC found out that readers were enthusiastic about 80 or 100 page comics, with wider profit margins. So DC developed a three pronged strategy: keep their profitable big-name (licensable) characters in their own regular comicbooks, cancel the worst selling titles outright, and merge everything in-between into super-sized anthology titles. As such, characters with decent sales -such like Supergirl- but limited licensing possibilities found themselves sandwiched together into the pages of titles such as Superman Family, Batman Family, or Super-Team Family. And so in March 1974, Supergirl was unceremoniously evicted from her own comic after just nine issues (a tenth would be published posthumously), to be lumped in with Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane in a new 100 page bimonthly anthology, Superman Family.