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  • No Export for You: As of now, all broadcasting countries except the United States have aired the entirety of the first season on television. However, the last six Season 1 episodes have yet to be aired in the U.S. as they constantly had their release dates postponed. At the time, it wasn't even known if these six episodes would get released in the U.S. at all. That is... until Hulu picked up SVOD and FVOD rights, and finally aired the final six episodes (along with the rest of season 1) on November 16, 2017. Then there's the fact that the series suddenly got renewed over a full year later by DHX Media for a second season to air on the company-owned Family Channel in Canada, and Cartoon Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific. But not in the U.S.
    • Even more interestingly, the episode "Happy Noob-o-ween" aired in select countries (namely Poland, Italy, France), but not in the United States. This is possibly because the episode is a Halloween special and producers thought that it would be inappropriate to air it in the U.S. outside of October. The Halloween episode finally aired in the U.S. on October 29, 2016.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: This is possibly one of the reasons why this show is not doing so well. Before Supernoobs was even created, its creator Scott Fellows was sued for fraud by David Straiton. The lawsuit was over the production of Fellows' previous show Johnny Test, which Straiton claimed he created its concept with Fellows back in the 90's, and that Fellows' got the show to be on air and allegedly didn't give Straiton any credit or money for it. The lawsuit was one of the potential reasons for the cancellation of Johnny Test, and the lawsuit most likely hurt the budget for Supernoobs as well.
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  • Screwed by the Network: This show, unlike Johnny Test, got beaten around by Cartoon Network in terms of episode release. Initially, the show started with a marathon of one episode per day to celebrate its première; but this abruptly stopped after episode 31 aired. It wasn't until August 2016 that new episodes began to air again, and the network initially planned to release the rest of the episodes (except the Halloween one) throughout August and September at four episodes per week; but they only released eight episodes, with the remaining twelve being given the shaft from their time slots and replaced by Teen Titans Go! reruns, as that show more adored by the network (and more hated than Supernoobs). As of now, it is unknown why Cartoon Network decided to yank the last twelve episodes off their planned time slots; the Halloween episode was planned to release on October 27, but got moved to October 29 and aired that day. It's assumed that low ratings was the reason for the axing, as well as the Hatedom—although some haters agree that Supernoobs is better than Johnny Test in terms of more likable characters, a good premise, and better use of animation. To add insult to injury, Cartoon Network has refused to show reruns of the show, although they do allow the episodes to be ordered in demand as well as watched on their official website. This show has somewhat of a tendency to release a lot of episodes in short bursts, but also has the tendency to go on very frequent hiatuses. Somewhat reversed with its sudden renewal for a second season.
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  • Short Run in Peru: The show premiered in the UK in November 2015, roughly five weeks before its US premiere, which was on December 7, 2015. Teletoon didn't air the show in Canada until October 2016, which is nearly a year after the U.K. premiere.
  • The Wiki Rule: Super Noobs Wiki
  • Word of Saint Paul: One of the animators on tumblr claimed that there was never an official design for Kevin's mom in a response to a question on why Kevin's mom has not made an appearance on the show although she was mentioned. That same animator had also made an Author Avatar of herself in "Noobs Of The Round Table" placing that avatar next to Kevin's dad in one scene and then jokingly called that avatar "Kevin's Mom".

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