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  • Actor Allusion: Olivia's Scarlet O'Hara costume at the Halloween party. This might double as a reference to her role in North and South (U.S.). (Accent's still as terrible as ever.)
  • The Cast Show Off: Vanessa Dorman has a really beautiful singing voice. She croons "What Child is This" at the Richards' Christmas party.
  • Dawson Casting: Was Cole even 18 when he and Francesca were in love "five years ago?". You never forget your first jailbait, we guess.
    • No wonder Thick-cardo's just a little bit miffed by "EVANS!"
      John Darvill (Channel 5 presenter) So Ben was married to maria for at least six years cause she drowned five years ago. So that must mean that Ben married Maria was she was about sixteen. It's no bloomin' wonder Ricardo is so angry with him.
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  • Dyeing for Your Art: Aaron Spelling had a very specific image in mind for Annie. Displeased with the selection of wigs on offer, he finally convinced Sarah Buxton to dye her hair from black to red. The dye job was mocked by Olivia during one of their spats.
  • The Other Darrin: The original Caitlin, Vanessa Dorman, demanded too much money and was let go in Season Two. She was replaced with Kam Heskin. There were other re-castings, but this one was the most noticeable. There was speculation by the cast that Dorman was replaced because the character was deeply unpopular in America as well as UK.
    • Ashley Hamilton (son of George) plays Cole in his first couple of appearances.
    • When Susan Ward left to film The In Crowd, Sydney Penny stepped in to replace her, with Ward later returning to play the character for the show's final few weeks.
  • No Budget: Why do the stairs in Ben's house always sound so hollow when someone goes upstairs? Aren't they supposed to be solid stone/marble? Recently they carpeted the stairs, but they still sound hollow.
  • Playing Against Type: Sam Behrens played a nicer, less-Catholic lawyer named Jake Meyer on General Hospital.
    • Gordon Thomson, conversely, played a much nastier character on Dynasty in his youth.
    • As seen in her film appearances, Susan Ward is better-suited for vamping it up like Annie.
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  • Star-Making Role: Of the large cast, only Eddie Cibrian (Cole) and Susan Ward (Meg) achieved something resembling A-list status. Eddie deserves some sort of medal for surviving this AND Baywatch Nights in succession.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Some may recognise Laura Harring as Paula Foster or Kelly Hu as Rae from early episodes.
    • Even getting sent to Hell doesn't slow Alistair Crane down any.
    • You know Cole #1 better as the exploding man who leveled Grauman's Chinese Theater in Iron Man 3
    • Tim is played by Serenity's original mechanic, who seemed more interested in getting inside Kaylee's working parts.
    • Mark is dodging another killer's knife in Bride of Chucky.
    • Michael can be seen on Grey's Anatomy as Bailey's love interest.
      • His poisonous "friend", Jamal, played another gangster in Angel's "The Thin Dead Line." Virginia was the whammy bidder in "Parting Gifts".
    • Where did they dig up Kam Heskin? Working tables at Olive Garden? And what a joke that she replaced Sheridan on Passions.
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    • Lisa Guerrero, who played big-haired J.R. Ewing (i.e. Francesca), began her career as a cheerleader and shifted to sportscasting. Today she is a TV personality and news correspondent.
    • Phideaux, Prog Rock musician, is the director of this show.
  • Wag the Director: Olivia was originally marked down as "Sheila" in the script. Down didn't care for that name and requested that it be changed to Olivia. Phew.
  • Write Who You Know: As Down pulled the most bank, she was closely involved in the creation of her character. Some of the storylines were based in part on her personal life, including her failed marriages.
  • What Could Have Been: Kristin Davis of Sex and the City fame was originally offered the role of Meg Cummings but declined.


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