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Trivia / Sunday Without God

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  • Actor Allusion: Dee is known as a "Witch". Sound familiar?
  • Bonus Episode: The final BD/DVD has a bonus 13th episode called "Memories," and it's divided into three parts. Part 1 shows the characters at a hot spring, Part 2 focuses on Alice's encounter with Hampnie prior to the beginning of the series, and Part 3 reveals how Hampnie first met Hana.
  • Fan Nickname: Hampnie has been affectionately called "Humpty" and "Hamburger."
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  • The Other Darrin: Alfa was voiced by Yuko Goto in the drama CD, but for health reasons she was replaced by Rina Sato in the anime.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: Kaminai
  • Talking to Herself: In the English dub, Emily Neves voices both Ulla and her frozen-in-time (and thus is still a baby) twin sister Celica.

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