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Trivia / Sun Kil Moon

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  • Creator Breakdown: Much of the content on April was apparently inspired by the death of Kozelek's one time muse.
    • Kozalek's general angry, unpleasant public persona and lyrical obsession with death can be traced back to this as well.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Just like RHP before them, Sun Kil Moon haven't fared much better with this trope. Want to listen to any of their albums on vinyl after their initial pressings? Hope you have 75 to 100 dollars on you.
  • Troubled Production: In comparison to Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon had a much easier time with recording and getting albums out. That is, until April was released in 2008. Kozelek became hard to deal with, being massively depressed after the death of a one-time muse of his. This caused an ego unseen in the singer-songwriter that made him even more controlling than usual over the instrumentation. As a result, the two SKM releases after April have been instrumentally stripped down to avoid further complications between Kozelek and session musicians.