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Trivia / Sugarland

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  • Black Sheep Hit: One of their biggest hits, "Stay", is a five-minute ballad with only acoustic guitar and organ. It's also one of the only songs where Kristian does not sing backing vocals (although he is still the one playing guitar on it).
  • Chart Displacement: "Baby Girl", "Stay", and "Stuck Like Glue", their three most famous songs, all only got to #2.
  • Creator Killer: The Indiana state fair stage collapse seemed to be the main factor in their hiatus.
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  • He Also Did: Kristian Bush was originally one half of the duo Billy Pilgrim, whose song "Try" was memorably used at the end of the My So-Called Life episode "Life of Brian".
  • Hitless Hit Album: Jennifer Nettles' 2014 album That Girl was a #1 country album for two weeks despite neither of its singles doing much on the charts.
  • Production Posse: Their road band frequently appears on the albums, most prominently bassist Annie Clements on "Everyday America" and keyboardist/organist Brandon Bush (Kristian's brother) on "Stay".
  • The Pete Best: Guitarist/backing vocalist Kristen Hall, who bowed out after the first album.