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Trivia / Sub-Mariner

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  • Creator's Pest: Not for the character himself, but Toro; Stan Lee's dislike of Kid Sidekicks is why he killed the character.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Bill Everett originally intended for all of the Sub-Mariners to be green with only Namor being "flesh" coloured. Under Stan Lee this came to be except the Atlanteans, as they came to be called and have been ever since, are blue.
    • Twice there were plans for a live action Namor television series
      • The first time was in the 1950's and would have featured Richard Egan as Namor.
      • The second time was in the 1970's where a pilot for a Namor series was announced but cancelled due to the similarity to Man from Atlantis.
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The reason why, according to Kevin Feige, Namor wasn'tfeatured in the MCU, is due to complications surrounding the character's film rights. This is because the character became heavily associated with the Fantastic Four over the years, meaning his rights could lie with Fox... and also because of Marvel's own push of Namor as a mutant, which ties in to the X-Men franchise, whose film rights also belonged to Fox. Once Disney acquired Fox, this became a non-issue.

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