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The comic strip:

  • Channel Hop: From The Sun, to its own comic, back to The Sun, to Nuts, back to The Sun again, and then back to its own comic again.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Pete Nash's favourite storyline is the 2003 "Haitian Holiday" storyline, the strip's last major story during its initial run in The Sun, with the comic story "Chuck's Choice" being a close runner-up.
  • Dueling Works: A bunch of other UK newspapers had their own football-based strips, but the only one to have any longevity was Scorer, in the Daily Mirror. That strip lasted until early 2011, when it was forcibly ended due to its writer being forced to retire due to health problems.
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  • Executive Meddling: When the strip returned to The Sun in 2005, Pete Nash was forced to incorporate Joe Rock, a character from its brief replacement in The Sun, The Premier. Nash clearly wasn't too on-board with this, as Rock was immediately Demoted to Extra, played next to no major parts over the next couple of years, and then was quietly Put on a Bus shortly before the 2009 hiatus.
  • Follow the Leader: Averted. Despite Roy of the Rovers being the best-known and most imitated football-related comic in the UK at the time the strip was created, creator Pete Nash deliberately tried to avoid any similarities to it. Which, ironically, ended up getting this strip more than a few imitators over the years.
  • Old Shame: Pete Nash is to this day embarrassed by the strip's first attempt at using computer-generated graphics, Striker VR, which lasted only three weeks. Afterwards, the strip went back to using drawn artwork for another year, before making a more successful transition in early 1999.

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