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  • Doing It for the Art: The file cabinets in the movie were all filled by cards with information on them despite none of these card ever showing up on camera. The crew invented an entire city's criminal background just for the sake of "realism."
  • Media Watchdog: Apparently, when the movie came over to the United States in the 60's, American censors had a problem with the opening scene: A single shot of a panting dog with the credits overlaid on top of it. They thought that the dog had been wounded and disapproved of the supposed animal cruelty. Kurosawa was so frustrated with this censorship, it's said that he remarked this was the only time he wished Japan had won World War 2.
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  • Old Shame: Kurosawa considered this film was "too technical" and that it had "all that technique and not one real thought in it."
  • Playing Against Type: A retroactive example, since Toshiro Mifune plays the role of the rookie detective in this film, but is better known for the gruff samurai he played later in his career. However, Murakami is a hothead like half of his other roles.

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