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  • What Could Have Been: When Dave Cockrum started working on the idea of a black female member for the X-Men, the results were not at like Storm. The character had a different codename, different powers, and a slightly different look. The character was going to be called the Black Cat, and she wore a collar with a bell on it. The rest of her costume consisted of a black bikini suit and black thigh-high boots. Her power was that she could turn into any cat, from a house-cat to a panther, and she could also half-transform into a humanoid cat. However, as in the meantime several other female feline characters had been introduced (for example Tigra in 1974), the Black Cat didn’t make the cut. He and Len Wein decided to keep the African features and the costume design, and they went back to the drawing board.
    • Storm serves as a Composite Character between the Black Cat (see above) and two other characters that Dave Cockrum created but never managed to sell. One was Typhoon, a male character with Weather Manipulation powers. The other was Quetzal, a green bird-woman of unknown origin. She was rather tall, had hollow bones and feathered wings which grew out of her arms. What was kept from her were her long flowing hair and beautiful facial features. Black Cat's catlike eyes were kept, as they sort of matched the shape of Quetzal’s hairline and looked quite good together.
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    • Storm's black, tie-to-the-wrists cape with yellow trim, held together by a gemstone, was originally intended for another character. A created but unsold character called Trio. Dave Cockrum then toyed with the idea of using the cape for a re-design of Marvel Girl. Before settling to using it for Storm.
    • Storm's iconic white hair were almost never used. Dave Cockrum liked the idea, but Len Wein thought that she would end up looking like a grandmother.

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