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Trivia / Steven Universe S5E2 "The Trial"

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  • Fan Nickname: Before Defense Zircon's name and type were revealed, fans called her "Moonstone" for her vaguely crescent-shaped hairstyle. After the episode aired, she gained a new nickname: "Lawyer Mom". She and her counterpart are also known more simply as "Blue Zircon" and "Yellow Zircon," because they are both covered in polka dots and are Neon Orange in color.
  • I Knew It!: While there's no confirmation either way, this episode strongly supports a theory among many fans that Rose did not shatter Pink Diamond. At the very least, Defense Zircon's conclusions imply that there's more to the story.
    • "A Single Pale Rose" would confirm that theory, and to a lesser degree that a Diamond was responsible- just not one of the ones accused.
  • Jossed:
    • Rose did not use the Breaking Point to shatter Pink Diamond.
    • The fan theory that the Diamonds were weaker than they seem wasn't uncommon. This episode showcases no, they are not weak, with Yellow Diamond poofing both Zircons with zero effort - not that we know how difficult is it to poof a Zircon.


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