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  • Directed by Cast Member: Dustin Bates directed the video for "Telepathic" and co-directed the 360° video of "Ricochet".
  • Old Shame: "The Crystal Song" from Dustin's old band, Downplay. The song is obviously a joke and by his own admission it kinda went viral locally, but it's still a source of embarassment.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: "Monster" is used on the 2017 reveal trailer for Arknights, while "Unbecoming" serves as the 2020 global release trailer's theme.
    • "Infected" was later released in 2021 specifically for Arknights, largely due to the popularity of "Monster" and "Unbecoming" among the playerbase.
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  • Sleeper Hit: "TRIALS", to a degree. "MANIFEST" was the lead single of DIVISIONS and was released with a music video in advance of the album, so it was almost certainly intended to be the signature song of the album. Three other songs from the album also had music videos upon their release. While "MANIFEST" is still popular, 'TRIALS" has had the strongest chart performance of any song on the album to date, and it was eventually given a music video the following year, likely as a response to its popularity.

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